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Planning and development advice to private land-owning client

Project summary

  • Speculatively reviewed the client’s land holdings and alerted them to the fact that development could be a possibility due to the position of the Local Plan
  • Instructed thereafter to provide advice on paths available to planning permission and maximising value
  • Marketed the site to strategic developers
  • Instructed to promote the site and submit a planning application
  • Following consent, marketed the site for sale to maximise value


  • Provided expert advice on the viability of residential planning permission
  • Created, managed and gave expert advice on the tender of the site to promoters
  • Create a cost-effective marketing campaign to appeal to a broad market of residential developers; in-line with the secured planning consent
  • Provided traditional marketing, on-line and e-marketing solutions to targeted markets


  • Secured planning permission and negotiated 0% on site affordable housing, but with significant funding for public services
  • Sold unconditionally, despite market insecurities following EU referendum, for circa £12 million
  • Achieved in timescales well in advance of those first targeted