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Fisher Germans team manage 3,500km of buried high-pressure fuel pipelines

Project summary

  • Fisher German’s 120-strong Utilities and Infrastructure team are leading providers of specialist property-related management and project services, with over 100 years’ experience in the UK. Our diverse experience working with utility and infrastructure companies means we understand the unique requirements of this sector as well as all relevant legislation
  • We have been providing infrastructure and pipeline management services for 35 years. We are able to offer unique support in this highly specialised area. We have developed a dedicated and experienced team to meet the ever-changing challenges and responsibilities which we have faced. Our team deals with all aspects of infrastructure management, currently overseeing more than 3,500 kms of buried high pressure refined hydro carbon pipeline, coupled with the maintenance support on approximately 1500 kms


  • Assessing around 1,250 LSBUD 'zone of interest' hits per month to establish if the oil pipeline clients assets are affected
  • Liaising with third parties regarding works near the pipeline, including site meetings, negotiating methods of work, agreeing mitigating steps and working methods to allow work to go ahead without avoiding damage to the pipeline
  • Negotiating protection works for large scale projects including
  • Supervising third party work affecting our clients pipelines
  • Licencing services and structures within the easement


  • Efficient management of third party enquiries
  • Safety and protection of the assets