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Looking to increase the income of events held at Capethorne Hall

Project summary

  • To increase income of events at Capesthorne Hall
  • In a highly competitive wedding venue market, there had been a downward trend in wedding numbers in the last three years
  • With ongoing investment required at the Hall and an increasing wage bill to cover, an increase in income was required
  • Three key areas were identified of how to increase bookings for events and increase income


  • It was decided that overnight accommodation should be provided
  • The family did not want to turn the hall into a hotel, so it was decided to take back in hand and renovate several cottages around the hall and seek planning permission to construct six luxury accommodation ‘pods’
  • A private, self-contained walled garden area was agreed as the best location, close to the wedding venue
  • Planning was sought, as well as Listed Building consent with planning advice
  • As the development was taking place in the greenbelt, a s106 was negotiated with terms agreed with the local authority
  • Grant funding was applied for, and approved, for the purchase of the wedding pods


  • Diversification of the unused walled garden and redundant greenhouses
  • Opportunity to renovate dated cottages
  • Accommodation will be offered and used for wedding guests will also be available all year round, ensuring an income stream throughout the year
  • Increased income generated for essential repairs to the Hall and grounds.