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West Midlands

Project summary

  • We were instructed to undertake a strategic business appraisal for a substantial agricultural business in the West Midlands.
  • The business included in-hand arable, grazing livestock and intensive pig enterprises, let residential and agricultural property, and an Anaerobic Digestion plant.


  • The report highlighted any non-compliant properties and recommended a schedule of works with a repair and maintenance budget to improve housing stock.
  • A detailed analysis of grazing livestock enterprises was also included, with recommendations to alter system to reduce overhead costs and increase flexibility to adapt to industry changes
  • Review performance of pig enterprise – with recommendation to outsource enterprise via a FBT or B&B system.
  • Recommended improvements to labour efficiency to address top-heavy management structure.
  • Appraisal of machinery portfolio – with recommended purchase of selected arable equipment to improve control of operation timing and reduce contractor costs.


  • The review and recommendations for improving the housing stock, if carried out, will result in an increase in rental and market value of the property.
  • The livestock enterprises (grazing and pig) have been given recommendations to minimise overhead costs and reduce risk to the business by utilising the existing infrastructure without further capital investment.
  • The strategic review has allowed the business to run more effectively and efficiently, which will result in it becoming more flexible with changes from Brexit and the Agricultural Bill.