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Napton on The Hill, CV47 8LT

Project summary

  • To secure planning permission for an agricultural worker’s dwelling.
  • Involved joint working with FG’s Design team who produced the drawings and an Agri-Business team who produced the agricultural appraisal report.
  • Pre-application discussions with the Council highlighted any issues and matters to be addressed prior to a formal application being submitted.


  • Assessed business accounts and plans for growth to demonstrate that there was a ‘functional need’ for a second dwelling on site. Demonstrating this functional need was paramount to satisfying planning policy which in certain circumstances, such as this, allows for new residential dwellings in the countryside.


  • Only one pre-commencement condition, allowing a swift start on site.
  • Allows the son to live on-site rather than further away, meaning that the demands of managing cattle can be quickly responded to.