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Block of agricultural land in the midlands

Project summary

  • In 2021, WAC Gilbert & Sons instructed Fisher German to complete a record of condition on a 78 acre block of agricultural land following an approach from a developer wanting to install a ground mounted solar park.
  • The clients land adjoined an existing operational wind farm that had previously been developed by a European energy company. The solar park was designed to utilise the additional capacity within the grid network through the wind farm point of connection.


  • On behalf of the client, Fisher German were able to complete a detailed record of condition of the land subject to the proposed development, taking particular note to the ground conditions, growing crops, hedgerows, boundaries and accesses.
  • Combining our knowledge of solar park developments and land agency expertise, we were able to comprehensively map and detail the current wellbeing of the land to safeguard our client in the event of future damage or a claim.


  • The client and indeed the developer have a clear and agreed record of condition of the proposed development site pre-works.
  • The record acts as a benchmark against which damage remediation or compensation could be payable by the developer.
  • The document also serves as a historical reference for the end of the solar park lease term, at which time the developer is obligated to remove all infrastructure and return the land to its former agricultural state.