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20MW gas peaking plant, Monmouthshire

Project summary

  • The site benefitted from a Welsh Assembly appeal awarded planning permission for a mains gas driven 20MW export capacity gas ‘peaking plant’.
  • The plant was mid-development and the valuation was required by the client for financing purposes.


  • Fisher German compiled all the relevant information required to fully understand the project and support the valuation.
  • Sensitivity analysis and financial modelling were undertaken, accounting for known risks and changing market conditions.
  • Clear and regular communication with the client ensured the leasehold interest was able to be valued in accordance with agreed assumptions to satisfy their needs.


  • Fisher German’s detailed valuation report enabled the client to make strategic financing decisions.
  • The gas peaking plant will provide reactive power to the National Grid at times of need, supporting the UKs transition away from fossil fuel generation by enabling more renewable energy schemes through making the electricity network more sustainable.