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Pyewipe Farm, Great Coates, Grimsby

Project summary

  • To determine project feasibility and satisfy potential objectors.
  • To ensure the client's needs were not compromised in the planning process, obtain planning consent, and discharge conditions.
  • To agree a suitable 'point of connection' with the DNO.
  • To ensure successful delivery and installation of the chosen turbine to tight deadlines.


  • We advised, liaised and worked with statutory consultees and key stakeholders, including Ofcom and the British Horse Society, to address concerns pre-planning.
  • Using our expertise, we worked with the client and partners to determine the best location for a wind turbine.
  • Worked with the Local Authority to submit a comprehensive planning application.
  • Kept key stakeholders informed throughout, including post-planning partners such as the DNO, Highways Authority, turbine supplier etc.
  • Worked closely with the client to ensure key project development milestones were met.
  • A viable grid connection for 500kVa secured and a Turbine Supply Agreement agreed.


  • Turbine was successfully delivered and installed, enabling the client to offset electricity with an environmentally-friendly solution.
  • Client satisfied with the result and has subsequently installed a second turbine on the same farm, overseen and developed again using the expertise of Fisher German.
  • Diversified farm income to safeguard the business against volatility in the agricultural markets.