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Development and operation of a 30MW battery storage facility at Fideoak Mill, Taunton, Somerset

Project summary

  • In 2018, Opium Power Ltd and SSDC were interested in purchasing a site with planning permission for a battery storage facility. Prior to purchasing the site, the clients required a valuation report to satisfy their investors and councillors of the viability of the scheme as well as the level of the purchase price.
  • The development of the battery storage facility has taken nearly two years to complete and, given the nature of the client, a further valuation was required in 2020, post completion to confirm the schemes viability.


  • Working closely with the clients and their various professionals, Fisher German completed a detailed residual calculation in 2018. This involved thorough sensitivity analysis and valued the project on a number of different assumptions so that the case could be best presented.
  • In 2020, the valuation was updated to show a completed battery storage facility – again undertaking thorough sensitivity analysis in relation to the various complex income streams.


  • The clients were able to satisfy their investors' and councillors' due diligence processes utilising Fisher German’s detailed valuation reports.
  • This enabled the development and operation of a 30MW battery storage facility providing vital balancing services to the grid network.