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Lockwell Hill Farm, Nottinghamshire

Project summary

  • Development and installation of a 500kW wind turbine with a 50 metre hub height and 54 metre blade diameter, giving a total height of 77 metres.
  • To guide the client through the feasibility, site design, obtaining of planning, financing, procurement, and implementation stages of the wind turbine project.
  • To secure best value for the client from contractors and suppliers.


  • Guiding the client through the planning application process and subsequent appeals and delays, including objection from the National Air Traffic Services (NATS).
  • Managing third party wayleaves to enable grid connection.
  • Securing project accreditation with Ofgem.
  • Managing various stakeholder needs and objections over a 6 year period to ensure the smooth running and delivery of the project.
  • Construction of the wind turbine can be seen on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/cpvy6nSqLkg


  • A capital investment of ~£1.325m from the client to develop the project.
  • Utilisation of local contractors for site surveys and groundworks.
  • Accreditation to the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme for 20 years providing secure income.
  • A healthy return on investment over the project life.
  • Green energy being supplied into the local grid network.
  • Diversified income for the farming business, allowing investment elsewhere on the farm.