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Successful first digital submission of a large infrastructure project to the Land Registry

Project summary

  • Transfer of a large amount of information as efficiently and accurately as possible to the Land Registry (LR).


  • With land plots and rights from a large infrastructure project all mapped on FG’s GIS system, we suggested to the LR an electronic transfer of the mapping for rights registration.
  • Involved simply emailing the digital mapping ‘layer’ to the LR to overlay directly onto their system.
  • They recommended using their new Managed Services offering, where a case officer would arrange and oversee the transfer and registration.


  • Quick and efficient transfer of the information following the vesting of rights from a DCO.
  • Significant reduction of risk of registration errors, where previously the LR would have to interpret paper plans.
  • Helped the LR identify and analyse even the smallest plots of land and rights, including mapping cautions against unregistered land.
  • Useful test case for the LR, allowing them to develop systems for further electronic submissions.
  • Backed up FG’s strategy of managing project and land data through the GIS system for 6 years since initial enquiries: a) to produce landowner databases for referencing, consultation, the Book of Reference and legal notices, b) to save many hours of manual data interpretation and interrogation, c) to exchange mapping data seamlessly with project managers and contractors