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Installation of a domestic ground source heat pump

Project summary

  • Sustainability advice following a client purchase of a large, rurally isolated residence fuelled 100% by electricity.
  • To consider existing and future running costs of the house.
  • To investigate and implement alternative generation options to enhance efficiency and mitigate costs.


  • Review the options available for space and hot water heating, electrical use etc.
  • Consider all renewable energy technologies and their suitability in the context of a family home.
  • Analyse the likely financial performance of a hybrid solar PV and ground source heating system.
  • Initiate and oversee a competitive tendering process amongst reputable technology providers.
  • Recommend, appoint and manage the chosen installer to deliver the Ground Source Heat Pump and integrate it into the existing system.


  • Significant electricity cost reductions anticipated.
  • Attractive RHI subsidy for 7 years.
  • Consistent and renewable heat extracted from the Ground and used to heat the house and provide hot water.
  • Excellent return on investment forecast.