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Utilities & Infrastructure News

A range of utilities & infrastructure news stories are featured below. For further information about any of the stories featured, contact marketing@fishergerman.co.uk

More frequent floods in the future

24th Aug 2017

As most recently highlighted in the RICS Land Journal, flood events are predicted to become more frequent in the UK.

Hot Tapping

10th Jun 2015

Fisher German is working closely with the pipeline operators to raise awareness of 'hot tapping'.

Bespoke IT systems put our Utilities team at

18th Apr 2013

The Fisher German utilities and infrastructure team are making quite a name for themselves in the field of bespoke IT systems for the utilities sector.

Prize in the pipeline for Richard!

18th Mar 2013

Richard Broome from the Ashby office won the Sir John Parker Paper Competition organised by the Pipeline Industries Guild (PIG) scooping the Sir John Parker Trophy.

Linesearch - 5 million enquiries and growing

12th Mar 2013

Linesearch has broken the 5,000,000 enquiries barrier and continues to attract new users on a daily basis.

Major work on MOD pipeline

18th Dec 2012

Fisher German’s utilities and infrastructure department have just started the second phase of a major project to upgrade a high pressure oil pipeline on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Merger creates Britain’s most comprehensive

6th Feb 2012

Fisher German the owners of Linesearch.org and PelicanCorp the owners of BeforeUdig are joining forces to deliver Britain’s most powerful, free to use, online enquiry portal for utility infrastructure information. It is called LinsearchbeforeUdig.

Mainline Pipelines appoint contract managers

5th Jan 2012

Mainline Pipelines Ltd (MLP) have appointed Fisher German to continue managing their 484km multi-fuel pipeline network which runs from Pembroke in South West Wales, across the country to Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham.

To frack or not to frack?

26th Oct 2011

With recent news that councillors in the Vale of Glamorgan have rejected an application to test drill for shale gas in the county, does this spell the end for this ‘unconventional’ technology?

Pipeline Safety Regulations need more researc

6th Jul 2011

Due to the complex and sensitive issue of modifications to the Pipeline Safety Regulations, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has asked that further consultation and research is carried out before any decisions are taken in the future.

Major GPSS project with OPA

4th Jul 2011

Fisher German’s utilities & infrastructure department is working on a major project for the Oil and Pipelines Agency (OPA).

Total UK pipeline contract secured

4th Mar 2011

Total UK Ltd have appointed Fisher German to manage their 230km petroleum pipeline which runs from Immingham Lincolnshire to the Buncefield Fuel Depot in Hemel Hempstead and from Colnbrook to Heathrow Airport.

Pipeline Safety Regulations 1996 - consultati

19th Jan 2011

Following further consultation regarding amendments to the Pipeline Safety Regulations 1996 the HSE have decided that a further consultation process should be undertaken.

Meeting gas demands

22nd Sep 2010

Fisher German have been appointed as land agents for National Grid plc on their Hole House Farm Reinforcement Project.

Proposed changes to Pipeline Safety Regulatio

16th Sep 2010

Following the Buncefield incident the HSE has been considering reclassifying gasoline pipelines as a MAHP

Light at the end of the tunnel

11th Mar 2010

Seb Kingsley from our Utility and Major Infrastructure team is working with National Grid to secure land rights for the construction of a 12.4km cable tunnel beneath London.

IGEM membership for chartered surveyor

1st Mar 2010

Fisher German Chartered Surveyors is pleased to announce that one of its Partners has successfully achieved membership of the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (MIGEM).

Utility firms and landowners working together

23rd Nov 2009

Landowners and utility firms must work together to accommodate the increasing number of pipelines going underground.

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