Hedgerow & Boundaries Capital Grant 2016

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Hedgerow & boundaries Capital Grant 2016

March 2016

rural, planning

Capital Grants available up to £5,000 - what you need to know

  • Opens 1 February 2016
  • Closing Date 30 April 2016

  • Cannot be used if you have an existing ELS/HLS or new 2016 CSS agreement in place on 1 July 2016

  • However you can apply if you are planning to apply for CSS stewardship in 2017 and ELS/HLS has expired before 1 July 2016

  • You must be registered for Rural Payments to apply

  • Applications are scored and competitive – therefore more likely to get offered an agreement if hedgerows and boundaries are a priority in your area

  • Grants will be offered to successful applicants July 2016

  • Successful applicants will have two years to complete works therefore an opportunity of 2 planting seasons for hedgerows

  • Must maintain works for five years

  • Grant awarded will be a minimum of £1000 and a maximum of £5000

  • Applications are to be made on paper this year - click here for form

  • Must submit photographic evidence before and after works in order to receive claim payments

  • To see the whole guidance please click here

The following options (same as new Countryside Stewardship) can be used for this grant:



Capital Item

£ Payment Rate


 Hedgerow laying



 Hedgerow coppicing



 Hedgerow gapping up



 Hedgerow supplement - casting up



 Hedgerow supplement - top binding and staking






 Planting standard hedgerow

 8.8 per tree





 Earth bank restoration






 Stone-faced bank repair



 Stone-faced bank restoration



 Stone wall restoration



 Stone wall supplement - top wiring



 Stone wall supplement - stone from quarry



For further information, contact Lisabeth Grindrod on 01905 459436 or email here

Information on Rural Grant funding opportunities, including how to apply, can be found here

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