HS2 Plans & Important Dates


Important dates

Summarised below are the important dates in the development of HS2 as published by the Department of Transport..

January 2009 Government publishes details of options for route of HS2
March 2010 Government accepts recommendation of Route 3 as the preferred route for HS2
October 2010 Refined route plans published
February 2011 Public consultation upon scheme launched
July 2011 Public consultation upon scheme closes
January 2012 Justine Greening, Transport Minister, announces that HS2 will go ahead. Further refined route plans published
February 2012 HS2 writing to landowners requesting access to land for environmental surveys
September 2012 Justine Greening replaced as Transport Minister by Patrick McLoughlin. Mr McLoughlin immediately pledges support of HS2
October 2012 Consultation on compensation proposals and safeguarding of Phase 1 (London – West Midlands) 
January 2013 Government publishes proposed route of Phase 2 (West Midlands to Leeds and Manchester)
January 2013 Consultation closes on compensation proposals and safeguarding of Phase 1 (London – West Midlands)
Spring/Summer 2013 Route is safeguarded with agreed compensation policy for Phase 1 put in place
Spring 2013 Consultation on Environmental Statement for Phase 1
Late 2013
Hybrid bill to provide necessary powers to construct and operate Phase 1 put before parliament
Early 2014 Consultation on preferred route for Phase 2
Late 2014 Government's announcement of the chosen route for Phase 2
2017 Anticipated start of construction for Phase 1
2026 Anticipated opening date for Phase 1
2033 Anticipated opening date for Phase 2


The above dates do not appear to take into account any delay that might be caused by judicial review/s of the scheme as proposed by some campaigning groups.


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